Dewalt 20v Max Battery

Power Your DeWALT Cordless Tool With a 20V MAX Battery Charger

DeWALT has been designing and manufacturing power tools for the construction industry and personal use for almost a century. Many of their tools feature a cordless design that allows them to run on just one rechargeable battery. If you want to stock up on replacement batteries for your equipment, eBay can help you find an affordable 20V MAX battery to match your needs.

What are the features of li-ion batteries?

20V MAX lithium-ion batteries are one of the main types you can use to power your equipment. When you are choosing batteries for your DeWALT tools, consider some of the following features:

  • Price - Although lithium-ion batteries can be somewhat expensive at first, their low rates of self-discharge may make them more economical in the long run. The precise rates can vary, and you can see the manufacturers site for details.
  • Charge time - DeWALTs 20V MAX batteries have a high density of energy that may allow them to keep your power tools going continuously for several hours before requiring a recharge.
  • Longevity - Most lithium-ion power units are designed to retain their maximum charge levels for a long time.
Why should you purchase used DeWALT batteries?

You may be able to find used batteries that are compatible with your tools. One of the biggest possible advantages to purchasing a used 20V MAX battery is that you might be able to get more value for a lower price point. Some items on eBay might be available to you in bulk sets at clearance prices. Although these batteries are rechargeable, you may wish to stock up on spares and store them for later. You can also ensure you have enough units for all your tools. Buying battery packs this way may be more convenient and will save you from having to swap them between power tools.

What kinds of tools are compatible with these batteries?

Several DeWALT brand tools may be able to use a battery for cordless operations. Some common tool types are:

  • Drills - Electric drills can help you drive screws into wood or other materials.
  • Impact drivers - An impact driver is similar to a drill, but it uses both the rapid rotation of the head and blasts of force to slam the screw into place.
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